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Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a professional video editing software that takes the process of editing videos to an entirely new level. It is a timeline based editor which, despite the presence of many advanced and amazing features, is very easy to use. The software is popular for being a unique program which is professional and beginner friendly. After your trial has expired use this sony vegas pro 13 crack to activate your software.

It offers some amazing plug-ins which are very useful. It is a collaborative application and multiple users can contribute to one video. The new version of the Sony Vegas Pro series has a new awesome addition – the loudness meter which provides a sophisticated method to control the loudness of certain tracks so they don’t get louder than the standard loudness levels.

Another great feature is Vegas Pro Connect which is an application that allows multiple iPad users to collaborate with one another. As they review a project, they can place notes and markers directly into the timeline. The offline model lets them download proxies which the users can use and comment on in the same way they would if online. The user can later sync their proxy versions back to the master project. This feature proves to be very helpful for those who don’t want to make real time changes to the master project. To facilitate the process, the app turns the iPad into a gesture activated control vegas 13 crack

Sony Vegas Pro is a series of critically acclaimed software which has been loved by many people throughout the years it has stayed in the market but no one can deny the fact that it is, in fact, quite an expensive program. For those who cannot afford to burn a hole in their pocket by investing in this software, the Sony Vegas Pro 13 crack has been created.

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